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Sensory Hidden Treasure

In our house we love any sensory hidden treasure activity and so reading a recent post at The Imagination Tree about using playdough surprise eggs made me want to share how our similar activity can be used in a home therapy program using Theraputty.

For some time this has been an aspect of our Brainwave program to help improve hand strength and fine motor skills. It’s an activity that appeals to both my children and this is always an exciting find when you have two children with very different ability levels and interests.

We have a range of small toys so that I can vary the treasure and then I can spread out a lump of theraputty and hide the treasure within it.


The advantage of theraputty over playdough for children with disabilities, or indeed any child who needs help to develop hand strength and control, is that you can vary the firmness of the putty and increase it as your child becomes more able. Theraputty is fun to play with too ( my younger son calls it “special playdough”) and it offers a different sensory experience to playdough. Theraputty can be stretched into long strings and squashed together you can form bubbles to pop, much like the silly putty that was a playground craze when I was small.


These stretchy strings are very funny



In our house this is a supervised activity due to the small sized toys, the need to assist with the long strings that are pulled out and to offer turn taking when your child becomes demotivated if it becomes too challenging. However I find that both my boys are happy to play this regularly and enjoy hiding things for each other to find.


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