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A One Day Holiday

It’s a quarter past nine at night and I’ve just sat down. I’ve been up since 6am. And yet, here I am about to write a post on the importance of taking a break! I don’t want this is be a moan post, I don’t want this to be a post that reads like I’m saying I’ve got it harder than anyone else. I haven’t. Jacob may be hard work but he’s healthy, my husband may work away from home Monday to Friday but he comes home at the weekend and I get a lie in. But it is hard, and there is very little let up, breathing space or relaxing time.

I think it’s probably important for all parents to sometimes have a bit of a break from parenting. I think everyone needs a bit of me time and head space, right? Some might get this through their job, others may go out in the evenings. My situation is though that Jacob (and Harry) is my job as well as helping out a bit in my family’s business, with Jacob sleeping so badly it’s not really possible to use babysitters so my options to get a break are extremely limited.

We’ve recently though just had to most relaxing day and it was so fantastic I think everyone should have a day like it. Maybe, this sort of day should be on prescription, one per person per year or something. It would do us all good I think!

So when my parents bought my lovely husband and me vouchers for Bedruthan Steps spa for our birthdays I was massively over excited. Not only down time, but a whole day out. Not only a break, but a chance to spend time with a husband I see far  too little of.

As it turned out, it was more amazing than we could have dreamt. The day came, it was hot and sunny we drove north from our home to a place of the North Cornwall Coast that we had visited on our first holiday together 15 years ago. We had lunch together, we could chat uninterrupted, we weren’t constantly telling Harry to sit down and clearing up spilt food and helping Jacob to have a drink and if that wasn’t blissful enough, we ate our lunch looking at this:

Mawgan Porth from Bedruthan Steps Hotel

Mawgan Porth from Bedruthan Steps Hotel

After eating we lazily walked down to the spa and spent several hours in massive jacuzzi staring at the sea and reading on sun loungers outside, in the sun, getting a tan! Having a swim and using using all the other facilities. It was like going back in time to our pre-children holidays. Just magical.

After our spa session we just thought we’d carry on the day as if we had no responsibilities and could do whatever we wanted. We went for a drive and a walk, no need to worry about taking a potty and whether Jacob’s buggy would make it along the path. We could just do it. We stopped, took photos, no one said they were bored, no one ran off and needed to be told off!

Wild flowers at West Pentire

Wild flowers at West Pentire

Buoyed by our happiness, relaxed and at ease we walked in the door, to find that Jacob had just had a coughing fit and been sick on the carpet. He just started to go down with a cold. Back to reality with a bump! I’d like to say that this break has made me more able to deal with things on a day to day basis, that I’m less stressed. Of course one day isn’t going to really do that. But it was fantastic and just looking at those pictures, I feel on holiday again….



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