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Liebster Award

I was very shocked this morning when I found out that the lovely Mr Boos Mum at Premmeditations had nominated my blog for a Liebster award. After being all shocked and thanking her the first thing I did was find out what the blinkety-blink a Liebster award was. Turns out it is an award given to bloggers who have less that 200 followers and is a way of new blogs being found and (hopefully) a way for new blogs to find new readers.



However there were strict instructions that had to be followed in accepting the award and these are:

Give a link back to the blog that nominated me (please see above!)

Answer some questions set by Premmeditations

Reveal 11 random facts about myself

Nominate 5-11 new blogs

Set them some tricky and revealing questions

Tell them I’ve nominated them

So here goes:

1. What brought you to blogging in the first place?

A kind friend who writes a brilliantly funny blog over at Mama Bear With Me allowed me to write a guest post for Undiagnosed Children’s Day. Jacob had no diagnosis at the time and I had found a lot f support and friendship from the other SWAN parents. I enjoyed writing the guest post and subsequently I received frequent cajoling from friends telling me that that  I should keep writing. Basically, I caved to peer pressure.

2. What keeps you blogging?

Some weird inner drive that makes me think that once I’ve started something I shouldn’t give up on it and that I have to get better at it. Despite the fact that I really could use the time spent blogging for other things, I really enjoy it and find it helps me process the things that are happening in our life. Free therapy.

3. What makes you laugh?
Lots of things, my husband and my children frequently make me cry with laughter. I like to see a funny slant on things.
4. Facebook or Twitter?
Oooo hard one. Just can’t choose. I’ve met great new people through Twitter but Facebook has been invaluable for me as I recently moved from one side of the UK to other other. Facebook has allowed me to still feel involved in the lives of my friends hundreds of miles away. Both make me feel less isolated for which I’m very very grateful.
5. What famous person would you most like to go to dinner with?
Stephen Fry would be interesting to talk too.
6. If you could go back in time to any period when would it be?
I would only go back in time if it was guaranteed that I wouldn’t be poor, basically I think in the past most people had pretty shockingly short, hard lives.  At a push I’d pick 1920s, but only for purely shallow reasons.
7. If I could plug you in Matrix-style and teach you a new skill at the touch of a button, what would you like to learn to do?
Does this have to be a realistic skill? If so I’d like to be fluent in another language, not for any reason really just it’d be cool. If I can pick an unrealistic skill I would like to be able to heal people, for obvious reasons.
8. What’s your favourite season?
Summer, I love this heat.
9. Has having children changed you and, if so, how?
Absolutely. I am a different person and probably a much more difficult one to be with as I’m stressed a lot. I don’t really do many “me” things any more.
10. What gets you through the difficult times?
Wine, and a crazy idea that things might be better tomorrow.
11. What do you like most about yourself?
This is the hardest of the bunch. I’m considerate of others. Or at least I’m pretty sure I am (hate to think someone might be reading this and think “really?”, eek).
Eleven Random facts about me:
1. I once  had green dreadlocks and wasn’t even deterred from them by friends calling me Swamp thing.
2. I am a nerdy swot and despite having a postgrad I am studying for another degree in my non existant spare time, for fun.
3. I’ve done a bit of acting now and again, I have never had a nice costume but I have worn a fat suit, it was hot.
4. I’ve had a go on Rolf Harris’ wobble board!
5. I like to make lists
6. I have hundreds of books and can never get rid of any of them.
7. I get stressed by mess (see number 6)
8. I haven’t eaten meat for nearly 30 years
9. I can sing a lullaby in Jersaise (Jersey patois) , my great grandmother was from Jersey and it’s the only thing that’s stuck.
10. I flew round the world at 15.
11. I hate my slightly wonky teeth.
The bloggers I’d like to nominate (in no particular order) are :
The questions I want to ask them are:
1. What  made you start blogging?
2. What’s the most out of character thing you’ve ever done?
3. If you could be any fictional character who would it be, and why?
4. What scares you the most?
5. What’s your favourite book, film and album?
6. Town or country?
7. What is your favourite childhood memory?
8. If you could give yourself a new first name, what would you choose?
9. Cats are better than dogs, discuss.
10. How would you describe clouds to a person with no sight?
11. What’s the most wonderful thing someone else has ever done for you?

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